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“Everyone has the right to a nationality”

No child should be stateless: Ensuring the right to a nationality for children in migration in Europe

Despite obligations for all European States to fulfil every child’s right to acquire a nationality, current legislation and practice means that children in migration face the risk of growing up stateless, impacting on their access to fundamental rights.

This ENS policy briefing was developed as part of the Initiative on Children in Migration in partnership with Child Circle and PICUM. It explores which children in migration are at risk of statelessness in Europe and why, the current challenges and gaps in realising every child’s right to a nationality and provides key recommendations for action at the national and regional level.

The policy briefing is aimed at individuals and organisations who would like to know more about the issue and how it affects children in migration, as well as some of the existing tools, resources and recommendations for addressing it.

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EPA (European Parents' Association) is one of the co-signing organisations